Em’s Theory 

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A Sci-Fi book Trilogy, digital animation series, Game and franchise 


Em’s Theory is a multiplform narrative and book series aimed at young adults and highly readable by adults, a science-fiction thriller with elements similar to Octavia Butler’s Kindredand Theodore Sturgeon’s More Than Human,or the recent TV property Sense8.

Characters in Em’s Theory confront potential futures for humanity while learning from ancient indigenous cultures. These ancient cultures exist in the book’s world side by side with time travel; particle physics; genetics; and modern cultures across the globe. Em’s Theory is geared for young adults and adults who enjoy The Hunger Games;science fiction; superheroes; and mythology.The story features a cast of ethnically diverse characters who will appeal to audiences all over the world. 


A brilliant, opinionated particle physics student discovers she has the power to control our futures, when she starts time-jumping forward in time to different timelines of probable futures and Lucid dream of ancient cultures. Now she must find the others like her, and prevent the OPP secret shadow government, who wishes to control humanity’s future and lead it to a dark one.

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