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Maya Zuckerman

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Meet Maya 

Regenerative Entrepreneur, Speaker, Culture Hacker - Goddess of Operations!

I consult, build and coach businesses to be more effective, regenerative and support their human potential to solve our biggest challenges. 

My continuous exploration is how may technology and intersectional culture serve in creating a world that works for all beings in the shortest amount of time!

My Writing

The old myths and journeys do not always fit in our ever-shifting realities. We are living in a different world from our ancestors, facing very different challenges. Our civilization is moving towards a global one. We’ve seen our planet from the outside in. But we are still operating a pre-historical operating system of fight and flight instead of hope and possibility.
My writing look at models and frameworks for these emerging stories.

I am in the midst of writing book 001 of Em's Theory - Speculative Future Fiction.

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Start Your Journey

In order for me to serve you and your company better - let's spend 30 min discovering how may I help you!
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and get my eBook “The Collective Journey” for free!

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